CAT Analysis 2020

CAT Analysis 2020: Brief Overview & Paper Analysis

CAT Analysis-2020

cat analysis CAT 2020  notification sprang up another surprise merely just 70 odd- days – before CAT. Here we are going to give you a brief CAT analysis. Overall CAT duration was reduced to 120 minutes from the earlier 180minutes: with  40 minutes allotted to each section. However, there was no change in the paper pattern other than the time reduction. More or less, the question types remained the same as they had been for the past few years.  This year CAT has 76 questions to be solved in 2 hours and the section-wise distribution and we provide you a brief overview and CAT analysis as follows:cat analysis

  • VARC: 26 questions
  • DILR: 24 questions
  • QA: 26 questions

The marking scheme remained the same: +3/-1 for MCQs and +3/0 for non-MCQs. The overall level of difficulty for CAT 2020 slot 1 was slightly higher than that of the CAT Exam 2019(CAT Analysis Report 2019). In terms of the section-wise level of difficulty, VARC was lengthy and tricky with options being very close. The level of difficulty of DI and LR was close to the DI LR of 2016 or 2017(CAT Analysis Report 2016 & 2017).  The easiest section was Quantitative Aptitude. Our expectation is that an overall raw score of around 105 to 108 should be equivalent to the 99th percentile.

The break-up of Questions Section wise

SectionTotalMCQNon MCQLOD
DI-LR24186Moderately Tough
QA26206Easy to Moderate


*LOD: Level of Difficulty

Section-wise Analysis

The three slots had a similar distribution of questions

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

The VARC section was tricky with very close options. Students had to read the passages very carefully. The section also looked lengthy because there were 26 questions to be attempted in 40 minutes. The only breather for the students was that there was no new variety of questions. The questions were from  Reading Comprehension, Para Jumbles, Odd sentence, and Para Summary. 

There were 4 RC passages with each passage around 500 words  &  relatively easy to read. But, the questions asked were tricky. There were 6 non MCQ questions. Overall, an attempt of 20 plus minus 2 questions would have been a good attempt. For the 99th percentile, you should have got around 48 marks

ItemNumber of QuestionsGood AttemptLOD
Reading Comprehension1812 to 14Moderate to tough
Para Summary32Tough
Para Jumbles32Moderate Tough
Odd Sentences21Tough
Total2617 to 20Tough

Data Interpretation and Reasoning (DI-LR)

This section had 5 sets of questions with 3 sets having 4 questions each and the other two having  6 questions each. This section was moderately challenging for the students. A student who may have attempted 3 sets with around 12 to 14 questions attempted with a score of around 33 plus or minus 2 stands a good chance for 99th percentile on this section cat analysis

cat analysis

ItemNumber of QuestionsGood AttemptLOD
Total2410 to 14

Quantitative Aptitude

One surprising thing about this section was there were fewer questions on geometry this year. Apart from fewer questions on Geometry and more questions on number theory cat analysis

Overall an attempt of around 20 questions plus or minus 2 questions would have been good for the 99th percentile in this section cat analysis

ItemNumber of QuestionsGood AttemptLOD
Arithmetic10NAEasy to moderate
Algebra8NAEasy to moderate
Number Theory5NAEasy to moderate
Geometry3NAEasy to moderate

The quantitative Aptitude section also had a slight variation in the terms of topics from which questions were asked – in slot 2 and 3 with some questions in slot two were asked from permutations and combinations cat analysis.

Good Attempts and Cutoffs

Although opinions may vary – we feel that cutoffs for the three slots should remain more or less the same. And that is reflected in the cutoffs mentioned below. cat analysis

TA99th 95th90thTA99th 95th90thTA99th 95th90th
VARC18 18151218 18151218 181512

TA- Good Attempt -plus or minus 2 questions

99th percentile- probable raw score for 99th percentile

95th – Probable raw score for 95th percentile

90th – Probable raw score for 90th percentile

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