IPMAT strategy to crack IPM Exam

Let’s take a quick glance at the IPM paper design before we get into a detailed preparation plan for this fiercely competitive exam: The 90-minute online test consists of 10 Short Answer questions and 50 MCQs. 20 of them are multiple choice questions (MCQs), 30 are verbal ability questions, and 10 are short answer questions. The results of the Personal Interview and the Aptitude Test (AT) will be used to choose the candidates (PI). Any applicant who skips the aptitude test, the personal interview, or both will not be given consideration for selection.

The Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test competition is fierce, with over 15,000 students taking the exam each year.Cracking the exam is not difficult if you have studied mathematics and received good grades up to the tenth standard.

If you come from a business or artistic background, you will need at least six months to prepare. However, aspirants from any background can easily pass the exam on the first try if they follow a proper preparation plan and strategy.

IPMAT Test-Taking Strategy:

  • The Time-Spice: 

For its 2022 IPMAT, IIM Indore has changed from previous years by introducing sectional time. A total of 30 minutes are allotted for each section to be finished. So, give each question great thought.Spend less time on any issue you are knowledgeable about. Give complex subjects more time, instead.

  • Selection of Questions: 

Due to the exam’s challenging nature, it is impossible to complete all of the questions in the allotted time. Decide carefully which questions you wish to attempt. It’s crucial to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses in this situation. For instance, if you are proficient in algebra, identify and attempt all math questions first. This will offer you more time and increase your self-assurance for the remaining questions.

  • Take a calculated risk: 

 The selection of questions is crucial due to the limited time and negative marking. Avoid estimating and approximating in general terms. The verbal ability section should be handled with extreme caution because children frequently tend to guess erratically. With quantitative aptitude, it is a little simpler to apply this even if you are unfamiliar with the idea, but use caution when making educated guesses as you might occasionally come up empty-handed.

  • Keep Calm:  

 Keep in mind that time is running out. On a question in a subject where you are knowledgeable, you might occasionally get stuck. Don’t waste time trying to solve it if you can’t. Go on to the subsequent question and, if time allowed, return to the first one later. You don’t want to skip over a question that would have been simpler and given you an equivalent grade.


  1. IPM preparation, like any other aptitude test, should be a combination of smart work and hard work. You can easily pass the exam if you follow a well-structured study plan and are dedicated.
  2. According to the IPMAT Paper Pattern, you are primarily tested on verbal and quantitative ability skills. Begin with simple Math topics and allow yourself 10-15 days to finish them.
  3. Start practicing your grammar and vocabulary for the verbal ability section. In addition, speed is essential for passing the IPMAT entrance exam.
  4. As a result, answering more questions from previous year’s question papers is just as important as covering all of the topics on the syllabus.
  5. The subjects you need to study each day should be distributed. Set a time limit for studying each idea.
  6. Don’t continually bring up difficult things. Make an effort to mix and match the themes.
  7. If you’re giving a difficult quantitative notion, use a simple verbal ability topic. You can increase interest in your studies and prevent boredom in this method.
  8. Make notes of key terms or difficult formulas from the subject you are studying to aid in revision.

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