How to prepare for CAT Exam

HEY! Hi are you planning to prepare for CAT Exam, and what to get into Top B-School
If you are a beginner, start preparing for CAT. There are a few things to consider when
planning. First, don't forget that it will be a battle against time. Planning is important. There is no
proper plan or strategy. Each of us has a different strategy to work for us. There are two things
to keep in mind when you start preparing.

Set a schedule
The balance between scholars and CAT preparation

Set the timeline.
With less than six months left in preparation, it is imperative to set a deadline and, most
importantly, meet the deadline. This window can be divided into three parts.
Covers the basics (June-July)
Practice with mock (August-September)
Final round (October-November)

The balance between CAT and Academic :
Preparing for CAT does not mean taking your foot off the academic gas. Most IIMs and other B-
schools focus on college CGPA alongside 10th and 12th scores. You need to find a balance
between maintaining good grades in college and preparing for CAT. Try to increase CGPA as
much as possible before it appears in CAT and subsequent processes. CAT Exam will also take
place in November when the semester exams are scheduled. So you need to find the balance
as you do. Both aces.

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