Tips To Crack TISS NET

Tips To Crack TISS NET

The TISSNET exam will be conducted with a total of 100 questions. Each question has a grade and no negative grade. The assignment form is divided into three sections: general recognition, English skills, and math, with 40, 30, and 30 questions, respectively. The test takes 1 hour and 40 minutes. This is a computer-based test.

TISSNET Preparation Strategy: General Awareness

This section is essential; you can earn more than 30 points if you are good at your current work or daily events. It consists of 40 questions and is designed to assess awareness of current events and understanding of social issues. It focuses on politics, sociology, science and technology, the environment, sports, arts and culture, and Indian history. To succeed in this section, you must read the newspaper regularly. Applicants are advised to pay attention to important news events and people. Static general knowledge, such as world organization, domestic flow, inventions, discoveries, maximums, and minimums, is essential.

TISSNET Preparation:- English Proficiency 

This section does not require any special preparation if the candidate is good at English grammar and rules. The number of questions in this section is 30. Questions can be related to word selection/sentence correction, odd ones and synonyms, synonyms and antonyms, grammar, verbal reasoning, and reading comprehension.

Candidates will be given two reading comprehension sentences that are not difficult. Passages focus on vocabulary and grammar. Applicants are advised to practice two passages daily to gain confidence. Learn all the grammar rules to be successful and not just focus on the sentence pattern.

Preparing for TISSNET: Mathematics and Reasoning

 This section consists of 30 questions that comprehensively test candidates to evaluate their quantitative and reasoning skills. The questions cover basic arithmetic, basic geometry, basic trigonometry, basic statistics, series of numbers, interpretation of data, and logical thinking. The official notice states that the question will be asked up to the standard X level. Therefore, candidates are advised to focus only on this level. The most important topics are data interpretation and logical thinking. It takes a lot of practice to be good in this section. Overall, maths and English skills are concept-driven. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to brush up on the basics. If the candidate is following daily developments in areas such as politics, science and technology, the environment, and sports, no special preparation is required in the general awareness section.

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