75 day CAT preparation Plan

75 DAY CAT PREPARATION PLAN OVERVIEW With just over 75 days left for CAT this year, we bring to you a 75-day CAT preparation plan which should help you bring out the best in you. I also suggest, to check out our CAT preparatory programs for CAT 2020. These programs are exclusively designed keeping in mind the requirement of anyone writing CAT with a 60 to 75- day time frame. Irrespective of your background, this program can help you score well in CAT.75 DAY CAT PREPARATION PLAN OVERVIEW

75 day CAT preparation Plan: First things First- get sorted

75 DAY CAT PREPARATION PLAN OVERVIEW First and foremost, take a decision.  Answer the “Should I prepare for CAT this year or next year?”

Well !  this is the first question you need to answer. Most students starting CAT preparation at this time of the year are in two minds about preparing for CAT this year or next year. Being in two minds is not good for exam preparation. Answer the question to yourself and answer honestly.

What exams should you write

Another question you should answer on day 1 is what exams you would like to write and what colleges would you like to join. You are doing MBA for a great career, don’t get fixated with one or two colleges. Allow yourself a range of colleges to apply for depending on your background, your ability and determination. You will have a good career if you apply learnings of MBA in your career properly. Once these basic questions are answered. you can start on actual CAT preparation.

Should you start with a Mock Test?

You may even start with a Mock test to assess the level of CAT. But, remember, If you feel a poor score on the mock test might dishearten you, don’t start with the mock test.  But taking a mock test surely will help you identify your strong and weak sections. This knowledge is important to the planning process.  Now comes the important step of planning your preparation .

75 day CAT preparation Plan : Planning your preparation

The first step in planning  is to divide your preparation into Phases. Phases help you in identifying goals for each phase. Given the time available, you can plan to prepare in two phases.

Phase I – Basic Concepts

Phase II – Revision, CAT level questions and Mock Tests.

Deciding on timelines for each phase

Next you have to deal with the question “how much time to give to each phase? You could think of time in terms of percentages depending on your own assessment of yourself.  For phase 1 – provide no less than 30% of the available days and no more than 50% of the available days. Similarly, for Mock Tests provide around 20 percent of the days-i.e. 15 mocks.  The percentage break up depends on and will differ from person to person. A first time CAT aspirant might take 50% of the total time in basics, while someone who has already written CAT once before, may give only 15 or 20 days for revision.  In the table below are some scenarios of time allocation:

Scenario Phase-1 Phase-2 Mock Tests
% Days % Days % Days
Scenario-1 30 % 22 50 % 58 20 % 15
Scenario-2 40 % 30 40 % 30 20 % 15
Scenario-3 50 % 37 30 % 23 20 % 15

If you are start with Scenario-2- you have around 30 days for the first phase and 30 days for the 2nd phase.

75 day CAT preparation Plan: Possible Plan for phase I


  • Quantitative Aptitude: Arithmetic – Average and Mixtures, Percentage, Profit and Loss, SI, CI, Ratio and Variation, Time and work, Time and distance
  • Verbal Ability- vocabulary. 30 minutes every day and Para jumbles around 15 to 20 Questions every day
  • DI – LR – Basics of tables, graphs, and pie charts, Series, family relations, Directions and Calendars


  • Quantitative Aptitude: Arithmetic – Algebra – Polynomials, Linear and Quadratic Equations, Functions, Inequations, and sequence and series
  • Verbal Ability- vocabulary. 30 minutes every day and Para summaries around 15 to 20 questions
  • DI – LR – Caselet type DI, Mixed graphs, Clocks, arrangements, and Puzzles


  • Quantitative Aptitude -Geometry, Trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry, Binomial theorem
  • DI -LR – Puzzles and Set Theory
  • Verbal Ability- Vocabulary 30 minute every day and short passages followed by questions


  • Quantitative Aptitude -Number Theory, Permutations and Combinations. Probability
  • DI -LR – 2 to 4 DI LR caselets from actual CATs
  • Verbal Ability- Vocabulary 30 minute every day and CAT level reading comprehension passages around 4 to 5 each day.

Please remember, you are not solving CAT level questions in quantitative aptitude or any other section. Don’t sweat over tough questions. Just make sure that you know whatever can be called conceptual. Further, the above breakup is not sacrosanct. Use your discretion and divide the topics weekly. The idea is that a weekly topic breakup will help you generate a target for every week which you can break down to daily target.

75 day CAT preparation Plan: Possible Plan for Phase II

75 DAY CAT PREPARATION PLAN OVERVIEW Phase II is the most important phase in CAT preparation. You will have known by now that  Quantitative ability is the only section which has some kind of syllabus  that needs to be completed and revised well. All the other sections have no borders, no limits, no syllabus or list of defined topics. Therefore, in the 2nd phase you should do the following 75 DAY CAT PREPARATION PLAN OVERVIEW

  • Solve 2 to 4 Caselets of actual CAT LRDI every day. In case you finish all the actual CAT LR DI, solve LR DI caselets from  any  previous year’s test series.
  • Solve 4 to 5 actual CAT RCs in 40 minutes on 4 days and 20 to 25  Questions  on other varieties of CAT in 40 to 45 minutes on the remaining days of the week.
  • If your vocabulary is a problem area then keep spending 30 minutes on vocabulary every day.
  • Spend  the rest of the time on solving moderate to tough questions topic wise from quantitative  Aptitude books, and old CAT quant questions.75 DAY CAT PREPARATION PLAN OVERVIEW

75 DAY CAT PREPARATION PLAN OVERVIEW Again,  if you are a Pathfinder student, you will  solve around 60 to 120 Section tests (depending on the course that you choose to join) containing moderate to tough questions and class sheets containing CAT level questions and tougher questions.75 DAY CAT PREPARATION PLAN OVERVIEW

Mock Tests

75 DAY CAT PREPARATION PLAN OVERVIEW A very important question is “ how to schedule your Mock CAT taking process ?”. Most students wait till they complete their syllabus to attempt their first Mock CAT. This “wait” for course to be completed is not a good idea. Make sure that you have some space between your initial Mock Test attempts. This space will give you time to adjust your attempt strategy and allow you time to work on your weaker areas.75 DAY CAT PREPARATION PLAN OVERVIEW

Ideally take 4 Mock tests in the first phase, 6 Mocks in the 2nd phase and the remaining 5 after the 2nd phase in what ever time remains should be your test scheduling strategy.75 DAY CAT PREPARATION PLAN OVERVIEW

However, the most important activity after you take any Mock test is is analysing it   and solving each and every question. The day you solve a Mock test make sure that you solve each and every question of the test and make  a note of where you are making most of you mistakes or which areas you are finding very difficult.75 DAY CAT PREPARATION PLAN OVERVIEW


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