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Identical chocolate pieces are sold in boxes of two sizes, small and large. The large box is sold for twice the price of the small box. If the selling price per gram of chocolate in the large box is 12% less than that in the small box, then the percentage by which the weight of chocolate in the large box exceeds that in the small box is nearest to

  1. 127

  2. 135

  3. 124

  4. 144


Let the small box and the large box are sold at x and 2x rupees respectively. Also, let weight of chocolate in small box and large box respectively is 100 gram and y gram respectively. Then

         price per gram in small box = x/100 and

         price per gram in large box = 2x/y

         As per the question,

                      = x over 100 cross times 88 over 100 space equals space fraction numerator 2 x over denominator y end fraction               = > y = 20000/88 = 2500/11 = 227

         which is about 127 % more than weight of small box.

          Ans (1)

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