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Best HSEE Preparation Strategy: 5 Topics To Learn First

HSEE exam is an entrance exam for master’s programs conducted by IIT, Madras. Since the HSEE exam is quite tough with increasing competitiveness, you need proper HSEE preparation.For the HSEE preparation strategy, first, you need to understand all about HSEE 2022.

HSEE Preparation: Understand The Concept

For HSEE preparation or HSEE preparation strategy, you need to first have knowledge of its marking scheme, syllabus, and most importantly exam pattern.


HSEE exam has no negative marking. Although it has a +1 mark for every correct answer.

The exam has two parts part-1 and part-2.


  1. English and comprehension skills: This section is to test the candidate’s ability to understand and use standard English. Questions in the HSEE Exam or HSEE 2022 will be related to the areas as follows:
    • Reading skills: Candidates will be given passages that aim to test their comprehension skills and answering skills.
    • Grammar: This section of the exam tests a candidate’s caliber to understand the grammatical errors, subject-verb agreement, tenses, active-passive constructions, etc.
    • Vocabulary: this section aims at understanding the candidate’s vocabulary and ability to understand the meaning, structure, and collocation of the words. 
  2. Analytical and quantitative ability: This section consists of algebra, numbers, highest common factor (HCF), lowest common multiple (LCM), ratio and proportion, profit and loss, simple and compound interest, percentages, linear equations, etc.
  3. General Studies: This section has 3 sub-divisions as follows:
    1. Indian Economy: The concepts and issues covered
      Main features of the Indian economy
      Economic growth and development
      Sectoral development
      Foreign trade and international economy
    2. Indian society and culture:
      Structure of Indian society
      Main features of the Indian economy
      Economic growth and development
      Sectoral development
      Foreign trade and international economy
    3. World Affairs: Disintegration of Soviet Union the decline of Communism and rise of nationalism Arab-Israel conflict India and the World NAM and role of India; India-China and India-Pakistan relations Democracy and development hunger and poverty, etc.
    4. Environment And Ecology: Global environmental picture Ecosystem Pollution Solar energy hydropower wind power biomass energy tidal power, etc.


Topics for the essay writing in Part II will be based on current affairs and general knowledge. The essay should build an argument, demonstrate a clear perspective, and be substantiated with examples, wherever possible.

HSEE Preparation Tips

  • Follow a timetable: It is not important to do a routine of 16 hours of study per day, it just matters how consistent you can be with your preparation. The only HSEE preparation strategy is to start early and being consistent so that you have an ample amount of time to practice. Also, you need to improve your reading and learning capability as you go by, not to worry, you can do that easily with the help of videos or reading relevant books other than depending on HSEE study material solely.
  • Refer books: It is necessary to refer to books to get an in-depth knowledge of the subject and topic. You can refer to the following:

HSEE Preparation Study Material

IPMAT Free Preparation

IPM Crash Course-2022

IPM-2021 - Crash course is an ideal course for someone who is short on time and is preparing for class 12th exams and who also is preparing for the IPM entrance exams  of IIM Indore,  IIM-Rohtak, IIM-Ranchi, IIM-Jammu and IIM-Bodhgaya.

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Mock Test And Sample Papers For HSEE Preparation

It is the most crucial part of the HSEE exam 2022. Solving sample papers and giving regular mock tests will not only help you with time management but will also prepare you for the exams. You will know your good or not-so-good/improvement areas. Also, always remember to touch all HSEE important topics at least twice before the exam.

Now, these were general HSEE preparation tips, if You have left months or days then what shall be your preparation strategy?
It’s a goof premise, it is not hard to prepare an HSEE exam strategy for 3-6 months or even if you are left 14 days for the exam. Covering the syllabus is not tough if you know the short-cuts:

  • First and foremost you don’t have much time to start from scratch so the fastest way to cope up with the HSEE study plan is by watching video lectures. It would not only save your time but will teach some good tricks too by the experts. And for this purpose it would not do justice to you if I don’t refer to some good videos, you should try pathfinder video lectures for HSEE 2022.
  • The first thing after the videos is you should go through the syllabus and try solving sample papers. Know your areas of improvement and focus on them.
  • Importantly refer to your NCERT class 10th, class 12 CBSE books end chapters which are concise and a whole summary of the chapter. This will help you in your HSEE exam end days preparation.

HSEE Preparation Strategy For 2 months-30 days Plan:

Total number of days remaining for HSEE exam30(1 month)
Revision Per Day1 Hour
Total G.K topics to revise per day1
The total topic for English per day1
Total quantitative and analytical topic1
Total number of topics per day3
Per week7*3 = 21
Total number of topics left35
No. of days to revise all the 35 topics4 Days
Days to revise all the topics28
Days remaining for the exam2 Days
Practicing mock tests & solving papers1½ day
Revising HSEE important topics½ day

Voila! You are ready for your HSEE exam.

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