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Preparation Plan For TISSNET Exam 2022, TISSNET Study Material

TISSNET exam is an exam conducted by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences to offer distinct M.A Courses. After the TISSNET exam, you become eligible for all the 50 courses offered by the institute at different centers of Mumbai, Hyderabad, Tuljapur, and Guwahati. TISSNET exam is introduced to give students the opportunity to study and understand the social growth, development, and shall be able to apply by admitting into different programs as per their interests. All campuses have a unified placement policy and process. Candidates can apply to a maximum of three original programs and campuses according to their order of preference. They shall be admitted to the program conforming to their performance in the TISSNET exam. 


Candidates have to apply through an online form only. Following are the instructions:

  • To apply in TISSNET 2022, go to the official website> go to the application form> visit M.A> admission process> how to apply or click on the link below:
    TISSNET Exam 2022 Admission Process, Documents Required, Application Fee
  • To register for the TISSNET exam, enter your email id. You will get a link on the id to generate your password. 
  • Once you have generated a password, remember it, those are your login credentials. Now, login, fill in the details like basic information, academic details, and the courses you want to apply for in order of preference.
  • Pay the application fees (depending on the number of programs applied). If applied for three programs, it would be approx 3090/-, if applied for two then it would be approx 2060/-, and if one then it would be approx 1030/- via any medium.
  • Scan your photograph and signature, mark sheet of the last exam, and all the other documents required. Also, if candidates have lack of internet services, they can write to the Mumbai campus for a printed application form and fill and submit it before the last date of the TISSNET exam or in this case TISSNET 2022 the last date of submission.

TISSNET Exam 2022 Preparation Plan

First, moving into TISSNET Preparation Plan, you should know the selection procedure of the TISSNET Exam.

There are two stages of exams:

Stage 1: TISS-NET (Tata Institute of Social Sciences National Entrance Test)

This is a computer-based exam of 100 minutes. It contains 100 multiple-choice questions (MCQ). After qualifying, the shortlisted candidates shall be eligible for stage 2.


This will be held in two different sub-parts: one is TISSMAT and another is TISSCAT according to the master’s program you are applying for. After cracking stage two, you appear for the online personal interview.

There are three-part of the TISSNET exam, namely English proficiency, Mathematical and Logical Reasoning, and General Knowledge

How to prepare for TISSNET 2022:

  • Set action-oriented strategy and work on them, do the work don’t think about the results.
  • Remember the TISSNET exam syllabus and focus on gaining knowledge of the related subject. There is only one TISSNET preparation plan that is to gain knowledge because this exam is slightly different from other competitive exams such as CAT etc. This exam is designed to check your analytical skills, reasoning, and general knowledge. 
  • Books are a great way to improve your knowledge if you read related books apart from the books in syllabus just for 1 hour per day, even if you do it for a month consistently then also you will have 30 hours of extra knowledge. Don’t bombard yourself with loads of books, read a few books many times for efficiency. Quality is more important than quantity.
  • Calm your mind and study. Your mind should be more relaxed. A great way to do that would be a little chill, exercise, music, whatever you like.
  • You can appear for the mock test of TISSNET 2022 so as to gain confidence. There is no magic mantra in how to prepare for TISSNET 2022. You can achieve expert knowledge (the only TISSNET preparation plan) by consistency in practice. Most of the people study a lot but are not consistent, that’s where they miss out, you be consistent and put persistent efforts.

Some tips for exam day preparation:

  • Leave home 1 hour prior to required.
  • Revision of all the formulas and theorems.
  • Relax your mind and don’t study until the last minute. Leave the books aside 10 minutes prior to sitting for the exam.
  • Carry all the necessary documents like an id proof and admit card.
  • Read the instructions carefully before starting the exam.
  • Don’t panic and attempt the exam calmly.
  • TISSNET marking scheme has no negative marking, and for every correct answer, you get 1 mark with 30% weightage for stage one and 40% weightage for stage 2. It is a total of 100 mark question paper.  
  • For improving the TISSNET preparation plan solve previous years’ question papers, also solve sample papers provided at the coaching institute. This will not only enhance your preparation strategy but also improve your self-confidence. 

Some additional tips that will help you on how to prepare for TISSNET Exam 2022 are mentioned below:

  • Make newspaper your friend: newspapers are crucial when you tend to appear for any competitive exams or also in general. Building a habit of reading n newspaper daily will be an added advantage.
  • Pay attention to faster calculations, you can find some hacks like short tricks to solve similar questions. Practice your X and XII maths, if you know that then mathematics is not that hard to crack.

Last minute TISSNET 2022 preparation plan

  • Maintain your speed and accuracy in the exam, these are two very important parts of TISSNET. As there is no negative marking, you should try to attempt as many questions as you can attempt with a maximum number of right answers.
  • Don’t waste too much time on lengthy questions.
  • Take a look at all the questions, if you could not prepare for any specific section then don’t neglect it, at least have a look at it once.
  • You should no enter the examination hall with a fixed strategy in your mind. The level of difficulty ranges from low to moderate and difficult. 

So, now you know how to prepare for TISNET 2022 and TISSNET preparation plan too, So we will now look into the TISSNET study material.

Click On The Button Below To Download Free TISSNET 2022 Exam Study Materials (pdfs)

You have the TISSNET study material of course while preparing for the exam, but apart from that there are some good books you should refer to:

  • Wren and Martin English Grammar by wren and martin.
  • Word Power made easy by Norman Lewis.
  • Business English and Communication by John E Clark.
  • 30 days to more powerful vocabulary and much more. 

NOTE: You can search for more books online or take references from someone knowledgeable person in this field.

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