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HSEE Preparation | How To Prepare For HSEE 2021 – Strategy, Guide

Want To Do HSEE Preparation?

Before going all maniacal about the hsee preparation 2021, Should I do this or shall I do that? Acknowledge the fact competition is getting tougher each day and the doorway to the institute is not straightforward, but it is well said, ‘expert in any field was a beginner once. Understand the facts of any particular competitive exam and learn the strategy with the guidance of knowledgeable person.

If you are serious about your career here is information you should know before you directly dive in and start to prepare for HSEE. 


HSEE is an entrance exam for humanities and social science conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras every year for admission in the master’s program offered by the department of humanities and social sciences (HSS) at IITM. 

What is IIT HSEE All About?

It is a program well-defined by IITM, started in 2006-07 to offer students a five-year integrated masters of arts program. They offer two integrated M.A programs.

  • Integrated M.A in Developmental Studies.
  • Integrated M.A in English Studies.

A brief about both the above programs:

  • Development StudiesThis stream is a question of ‘order and change’. We live in a continuously globalizing world that requires fostering development, to provide people with the freedom to make their life better. This is the study of relationships humans have with each other and the physical world, which tremendously affects our creativity and ingenuity in sustainable development. To understand this concept, an individual requires knowledge and skills from across the social sciences. To Prepare for the HSEE exam, do understand what this field expects from you, what skills you need to learn? Graduates have career opportunities in government, academia, research organizations, and industry.
  • English StudiesThis study is designed for students with sensitivity to literary and linguistic analysis. It aims at students to introduce to language, and cultural studies.

Eligibility Criteria For HSEE Preparation 2021:

A candidate must have appeared for the below-mentioned examinations either in the same year of appearing for the exam or the year before. 

  • The final examination of 10+2 conducted by the central or state board.
  • Intermediate or pre-university examination conducted by a recognized board or university.
  • The final exam of two-year join services wing of national defence academy.
  • Class XII skill courses of CBSE.

Exam Pattern For IIT-HSEE Preparation:

You need HSEE exam preparation books, videos, study material and a solid strategy to crack the HSEE exam. Therefore, analyze the exam paper pattern for HSEE. 

The paper is held for 3 hours duration and has two parts. Part-I consists of objective type multiple-choice questions(MCQs) for the duration of 2½  hours (150 minutes) conducted through the computer (online). 

And Part-II consists of essay writing for 30 minutes where students are allowed to use the keyboard for writing. Candidates wishing to write an offline essay (pen and paper) shall be allowed to do so on request.

Part – I

Consists of English (25% marks of part-1), analytical and quantitative ability (25% marks of part-1), and general studies (in 4 sub-parts, m50% marks of part-1).

This section is to test comprehension skills, reading skills, grammatical knowledge, and vocabulary.

The second section of part-I is to test a candidate’s analytical skills and quantitative ability. Questions are related to the following areas: Numbers, algebra, highest common factor, lowest common multiple (LCM), simple and compound interest, work and time, linear equations, elementary trigonometry.

The third section of general studies is divided into 4 sub-divisions namely Indian Economy, Indian Society and Culture, world affairs, and environment and ecology.

NOTE: This part is administered online and there might be negative marking for wrong answers.

Part – II:

The essay writing in part-II is based on current affairs and general knowledge

This is conducted offline.

Tips To Prepare For HSEE Exam

  • Follow a time-table to study. Decide the number of hours you will study in which you are most comfortable. 
  • To improve the efficiency of your studying, exercise regularly for at least 30 min per day. This will not only give you physical strength but mental agility too.
  • Focus on hsee preparation, don’t worry about your exams, and stay positive.
  • You should be aware of the current affairs and economic or political changes, start developing a habit of reading different articles or news every day for at least 1 hour.
  • First and foremost you need to have the HSEE exam study material, once you have it, go through the syllabus.
  • There is no secret to success, only hard work, hard work, and hard work.
  • Closely study your HSEE preparation study material again and again and again to ember it better each time.
  • We need entertainment, and in the digital age why not use it in our favour? We all watch Netflix, refer to some good web series with good command in their language, pay close attention to what they speak, don’t indulge in the story itself. You can learn a lot by observing.
  • For improving command in your grammar, you can refer to some good books like administration, law, etc. 
  • It is not rocket science to crack HSEE exam, but you can do better under the guidance of mentors.
  • Pathfinder is one of the finest institutes that assist you with HSEE preparation tips and strategy so you can enhance yourself with the specifics of the syllabus. They also provide a complete package of HSEE exam study material for students to help them crack the exam.
  • Also, solve the previous years’ question papers. Set the time in your clock and try to complete the paper in 2½ hours and try to maintain the speed beforehand, so you can be very well prepared for the actual examination. 

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