TISSNET Preparation 2023 – Important Tricks and Tips to Crack

TISSNET is an objective test that assesses candidates’ overall aptitude and knowledge. The exam, which is divided into three portions, evaluates your proficiency in English, mathematics, reasoning, and general awareness. There are no sectional restrictions and TISSNET lasts for 100 minutes. Therefore, it’s crucial that you divide your time effectively across the many portions and work to your abilities.

The TISSNET test is anticipated to take place in February 2023 for the school year 2023–25

Overview of the TISSNET preparation strategy
The three sections of the paper are concept-driven, practice-heavy, and environmentally conscious.

  • It is advised that you review your fundamentals in mathematics and a few areas of English language proficiency since these subjects are concept-driven and will help you gain the necessary competency.
  • Logical Reasoning and several other areas of English language proficiency require a lot of practice, so it is advised that you practice with lots of questions that are similar to the ones you will be answering.
  • It is necessary for you to prepare both current and static components of awareness for the environment-sensitive General Awareness portion. The section-by-section preparation plan for TISSNET is provided below, with specific emphasis on the thrust areas in each section:-


The final TISSNET preparation advice
In general, it would be beneficial for you to use a three-pronged strategy:

  • You will be able to master each section if you approach your preparation in a planned way. Concentrate on conceptual understanding and broaden your knowledge by studying each of the aforementioned subjects.
  • Your performance will be improved much more if you practice problems of various levels of difficulty. Two important considerations for candidates studying for the TISS-NET are time management and question-choice.
  • By taking practice tests, you can refine your test-taking strategy. These exams will assist you in developing the essential test-taking abilities, such as time management, setting priorities, and finding the ideal balance between accuracy and speed.


To perfect your TISSNET preparation, practice past year’s papers and mock exams.

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